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No Conclusions From Germany 3-0 Netherlands

No conclusions, because I didn’t have time to watch the match live. No conclusions, because based on the highlights I saw and the thoughts of other people I read, there wasn’t anything new to learn.

We already knew that Miroslav Klose is, as both Bayern and non-Bayern fans seem to agree, a better fit for the current style of play, than Mario Gomez. He just reminded us all of this fact with three exclamation marks on Tuesday. Per Mertesacker is, as all agree as well, a shadow of himself. Mesut Özil’s and Thomas Müller’s ability to interpret, run into and open space on the football pitch is a joy to watch. Even more so, because they have very capable team mates. Teams with a stronger focus on defense than the Netherlands can still pose a serious problem. Germany are one of the Euro 2012 favorites. It’s about time to win a title.

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Five Conclusions From Ukraine 3-3 Germany

November 12th, 2011 | By: Jan | Comments Comments(0)

That was a fun and fragile experiment. Jogi Löw said, he wanted to experiment with a formation he could use in certain situations. May it be in case, Germany need to chase a game or are down to ten men or whatever. What is certainly very useful is the numerical advantage in midfield. As long as Germany could keep the ... [read more]

Ukraine And Our Favorite Enemy

November 10th, 2011 | By: Jan | Comments Comments(0)

Germany play the Ukraine in the Olympic Stadium in Kiev tomorrow. Kiev will host the final of Euro 2012. So this should be a good opportunity for the players to get a feel for the stadium they want to win the trophy in next year. On Tuesday, Germany will host the Netherlands in Hamburg. Except for a match against Spain, ... [read more]

Five Conclusions From Germany 3-1 Belgium

October 12th, 2011 | By: Jan | Comments Comments(0)

Germany was lucky to survive Belgium’s early pressure. Something which was also true for the Turkey game. Germany’s back-line didn’t look particularly composed, organized and fit to soak up the pressure. Germany benefitted from the lack of precision and punch of the Turkish and Belgian attacks, which made them easier to defend. Germany look vulnerable and teams with more individual ... [read more]

Turkey (x), Belgium ( )

October 9th, 2011 | By: Jan | Comments Comments(0)

Sorry, I couldn’t write a post discussing the game. I didn’t manage to watch it, recorded it instead, but only had time to skip through it.
A few quick thoughts:

A great game for Neuer to showcase what sets him apart from most other goalkeepers in the game. Instead of just clearing the danger or making a save, he also always ... [read more]

Turkey, Belgium, Squad, Notes and Records

October 5th, 2011 | By: Jan | Comments Comments(0)

It’s time to close out Germany’s Euro 2012 qualification campaign. On Friday Germany will take on Turkey in Istanbul, with the crowd facing the tough task to boo Mesut Özil even more so than the hostile crowd in Berlin. Germany will then play Belgium in Düsseldorf on Tuesday.
Here is who got nominated alongside Mesut Özil:
Goal: Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich), ... [read more]

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Five Conclusions from Germany 6-2 Austria

New Kit and the Squad for the Upcoming Euro Qualifiers

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Hamburger SV 2013/2014 Season Comment Page

Hello HSV fans! This page is for anyone who would like to express their thoughts on the 2013/2014 Bundesliga season and HSV in general. We may not have the time to always update the blog, so I'm looking for you to keep the conversation going! Please comment ...

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Fried Hamburgers in Veltins Beer flavored Sauce (?)

Well, that sucked. This team is... very frustrating. Most everyone finds their team to be frustrating, so I'm not gonna just complain about it too much. Let's instead delve into what is happening in this team. A lot of great comments on the most recent thread - apologies for being a ...

Apr 30th, 2013 | Read more Read this article...

Bratwursts 9, Beef patties 2

I feel like changing the names of Bayern Munich and Hamburg to those various meats actually makes the headline less ridiculous. In reality: Bayern 9, Hamburg 2. The amount of times I've even played a competetive FIFA match that have reached nine goals are low. How the HELL DID THIS HAPPEN Ok, let's ...

Apr 1st, 2013 | Read more Read this article...

Marching On

HSV put in a relatively decent performance against Stuttgart, with a very notable performance by Rene Adler, and an absolute screamer of a volley by Artjoms Rudnevs that confirmed Hamburg's 1-0 victory. With the victory, HSV find themselves in a Europa League spot, and surprisingly enough just one point out of ...

Mar 13th, 2013 | Read more Read this article...

HSV Stinks and Is the Worst Team in the League

Hamburg crumbled like a burger before being cooked - raw and mushily off the plate of Hannover, and splattered on the ground forming the face of Rene Adler. That being said, the scoreline (5-1) was WAY worse than it needed to be. Mostly, because it could have been like 6-3 or ...

Feb 26th, 2013 | Read more Read this article...

Thorsten Fink: The Chef of a Complicated Burger

Hugely Important Victory Hamburg registered a tight, fairly equal victory over fellow Europe-hopefuls Borussia Mönchengladbach via an absolute rocket from the talented left foot of Rafael Van der Vaart. Other than that, it was a tale of two halves - Hamburg dominated in the first, BMG faired much better in the ...

Feb 18th, 2013 | Read more Read this article...

Hamburg is clearly better than Dortmund

What else needs to be said? Fink's countering of Klopp's tactics are fantastic with his high pressuring of their centerbacks so they cannot build out of the back, and the attacking-minded approach that many teams do not have the courage to try. Now, all of the sudden, Hamburg are an up ...

Feb 14th, 2013 | Read more Read this article...

Hamburgers Devoured by Sausages

Hamburg blew a nice chance to move up to 5th place by losing at home, 2-0, to Armin Veh's swashbuckling Frankfurt. Hamburg had about a million chances to at least get one back, especially in the second half, but ultimately a nice performance by Kevin Trapp and some sloppy defending ...

Feb 5th, 2013 | Read more Read this article...
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Germany in Euro 2012 Qualifying



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